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ArticleName About the operational experience of “Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant” JSC
ArticleAuthor Nikiforov S. A., Dyblin B. S.

“Expert-Al” LLC, Saint Petersburg, Russia

S. A. Nikiforov, Chief Executive Officer, e-mail:
B. S. Dyblin, Senior Researcher — Consultant


This article gives the data about the first years of Kazakhstan electrolysis plant : the historical note about the start up of the smelter phases. Some design peculiarities of aluminium pots are described. Data about heat and energy parameters of the pots is given. The efficiency of equipment is characterized by the value of energetic coefficient of efficiency. Increasing of this coefficient and decreasing of the specific energy consumption is impossible without the decreasing of the general heat losses from the electrolyzer. This could be reached by the change of both the electrolyzer`s constructions and the separate technological parameters of the process. There is described the method for the following technology, which is based on the process temperature monitoring and control. There is given the data on the current efficiency, specific consumption of electric energy and quality of used alumina. Reserves for the increase of technical and economic indexes are shown.

keywords Aluminium, pot design, alumina, heat and energy parameters, bath temperature, electric power consumption
Language of full-text russian
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