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ArticleName Innovations in copper metallurgy by the example of a realization of a reconstruction project of “Karabashmed” JSC. Part 2. Experience of “Ausmelt” furnace development
ArticleAuthor Altushkin I. A., Korol Yu. A., Bakin A. V., Krasilnikov Yu. V.

Russian Copper Company LTD, Ekaterinburg, Russia

I. A. Altushkin, Head of a Board of Directors
Yu. A. Korol, Vice President, e-mail:
A. V. Bakin, Vice President

“Karabashmed” JSC, Karabash, Russia

Yu. V. Krasilnikov, Chief Engineer


JSC “Karabashmed” makes a big work to implement the investment processes for the improving of production efficiency and reducing its impact on the environment. An assignment of the issues of reconstruction and modernization of the metallurgical industry to innovative activity is based on the usage of fundamentally different technologies of metallurgical and chemical radivisions, usage of machinery and new generation equipment and complex solution of the tasks. One of the innovative projects of JSC “Karabashmed” is the construction of the “Ausmelt” complex. The successful development of this complex allowed to obtain a modern high-productive metallurgical process, and its new hardware design, along with identifying of ways to solve the environmental problems. Due to the part of the company’s problems solution in the modernization of production and improvement of ecological situation in the region; the innovative approaches in the selection, construction and development of new metallurgical technologies made “Karabashmed” JSC one of the most competitive companies, which use autogenic processes. Organization of works for improvement the basic and additional parameters of the equipment allowed the “Karabashmed” JSC to improve significantly the technological parameters of the “Ausmelt” process without attracting the substantial financial resources. The company is constantly improving the metallurgical production for remaining competitive advantages. For this purpose, personnell usually holds the work for stimulating the further development of the enterprise.

keywords Innovation, investment, copper, Ausmelt, reconstruction, modernisation, productivity, furnace

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