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ArticleName A computer model of the failure and recovery processes of ore grinding system equipment
ArticleAuthor Balasanyan S. Sh.

State Engineering University of Armenia, Kapan Branch, Kapan, Republic of Armenia:

S. Sh. Balasanyan, Director, e-mail:


This article considers a formalization process procedure of changing the work capacity of ore grinding system (OGS) equipment. The working time allocation laws between failures and recoveries of the equipment were identified on the basis of a statistical data of the failure and recovery of OGS equipment on Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine (ZCMC). The working time between an equipment failures was allocated according to the exponential and Rayleigh laws, and the recovery time was subject to the lognormal and Weibull laws. Using the proposed formalizing procedure, a computer model of the failure and recovery process of OGS was developed according to the identified allocation laws. This model was created on a modular approach, which ensures its compactness and allows to consider the modified changes of the quantity of OGS devices easily. The verification and validation of the developed model were carried out, using the well-known methods. Taking into account the reliability of ZCMC equipment, the considered model was included in a computer model for efficiency rating of the functioning of the OGS. As a result of the simulation experiments, which were held on this model, the following application problems were solved:
– evaluation of the degradation degree of OGS functioning, due to the unreliability of the equipment;
– evaluation of equipment influence coefficients on system functioning;
– the choice of the optimal structure of backup links between shredders and a rational strategy for their usage;
– definition of an optimum way of reservation of groundwater pumps and the optimal service discipline of the failed equipment.

keywords Grinding, formalization, verification, validation, simulation, efficiency, modeling, Weibull law

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