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ArticleName Synthesis of high-purity titanium powders by electrolytic method from fluoride melts
ArticleAuthor Karelin V. A., Mikutskaya E. N., Dubrovin A. V.

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (NI TPU):

V. A. Karelin, Professor of a Chair of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements, e-mail:

A. V. Dubrovin, Senior Lecturer of a Chair of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements


Seversk Technological Institute – subsidiary of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute National Nuclear Research University (MEPHI):

E. N. Mikutskaya, Senior Lecturer of a Chair of Chemistry and Technology of Modern Energetics' Materials


The short review of industrial technologies of reception of titanic powders is spent. Lacks existing industrial chloride production technologies of the titan are shown. Necessity of implementation of essentially new fluoride technology of producing of titanium metal and titanium alloys powders which are capable for direct powder metallurgy, out of low temperature fluorides melts is proved. The preparation technique for fluoride melts with process use hydrofluorination of lithium and sodium fluorides with anhydrous HF, allocated as a result of decomposition of potassium hydrofluoride. The processes proceeding at electrolytic reception of titanic powders from fluoride melts with use as an account reagent tetrafluoride of the titanium are described. As the potential of allocation of the titanium much less than similar values of potentials fluoride salts fluoride eutectics process of allocation of the titan proceeds with high efficiency. Are described the scheme of laboratory installation for process of electrolysis and sequence of operations of reception of a cathodic deposit. Dependence of influence of current density on cathode on an overall reaction titanium output is investigated and optimal conditions for electrolysis carrying out are chosen. Basic elements of electrolytic installation, appearance of the cathode with the formed deposit and the deposit separated from the cathode are presented. Experimental results on electrolytic receptions of the titan are resulted and is shown that the yield by a current makes not less than 93%. The chemical analysis of a powder of the titan received on offered technology is presented, and is shown that the maintenance of impurity in it doesn't exceed 0,1 wt %. The powders received by fluoride technology, much smaller quantity of impurity, than a titanium sponge produced by commonly used chloride technologies (Kroll-process).

keywords Rutile concentrate, the process of fluoridation, fluoride, titanium dioxide and tetrafluoride, fluoride impurities, thermodynamics and kinetics of the process, the limiting stage

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