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ArticleName Researchings of rhenium sorption from the industrial solutions of the wash sulfuric acid of the Balkhash Copper-smelting Plant on anionite A107
ArticleAuthor Abisheva Z. S., Zagorodnyaya A. N., Becturganov N. S., Ospanov Ye. А., Ospanov N. A.

JSC “The Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication”, Almaty, Kazakhstan Republic:

Z. S. Abisheva, Head of Laboratory, e-mail:
A. N. Zagorodnyaya, Chief Researcher


JSC “National Scientific and Technological Holding “Parasat”, Almaty, Kazakhstan Republic:
N. S. Becturganov, Chairman of Board


LLP “Kazakhmis Corporation”, Balkhash, Kazakhstan Republic:
Ye. А. Ospanov, Chief Operating Officer on Development of Metallurgical Complex
N. A. Ospanov, Chief Specialist on Rare Metals of Metallurgical Complex


The anionite A170 (Purolite company) is investigated for sorption of a low concentration of rhenium (13 mg/dm3) from the industrial solutions of wash sulfuric acid (WSA). There were presented the results on elution of rhenium from anionite with aqueous ammonia. It was determined that the sorption capacity of the anionite is high: specific volumes of solution, which pass through columns is 3000, full dynamic exchange capacity is 27 mg/cm3. Salt form of anionite (hydrosulfate, sulfate, nitrate, chloride and hydroxide) has no effect on its sorption capacity. Increasing of passing speed solution reduces it. Rhenium is equally well eluted by aqueous ammonia, even at room temperature. More than 96% of rhenium content in the anionite are extracted by 4 specific volumes of the eluent. The average concentration of rhenium in the eluate is 5.44 g/dm3. It is possible to produce the ammonium perrhenate from the eluates with a high concentration of rhenium, evaporating solutions in the ~10–12 times. The findings suggest of a necessity of a renewal of rhenium extraction sorptive technology from wash sulfuric acid of Balkhash copper smelting plant.

keywords Rhenium, wash sulfuric acid, anionite, sorption, elution

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