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ArticleName Processing of the bronze fusion slag with obtaining the metallic alloy and glassy-shape waste
ArticleAuthor Ten E. B., Shangin E. A.

National University of Science and Technology “Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys” (MISIS), Moscow, Russia:
E. B. Ten, Professor of a Chair of Casting Processes` Technology, e-mail:
E. A. Shangin, Post-Graduate Student


There is studied the efficiency of the pyrometallurgical processing of slags by methods of dividing fusion, reduction fusion and combined dividing-reduction fusion. These slags are obtained with the fusion of the copper alloy and consist of the metallic components (regulus and conglomeration) and non-metallic components (products of oxidation of the alloy elements). Mechanical processing methods are often used for the extraction of metal from the slag. Meanwhile, only coarse fraction of the metallic component is extracted from the slag. Along with the non-metallic part, more minor particles make the powdered wastes, which are harmful for environment. Hydrometallurgical methods can provide more deep processing of copper slag. However, this technology is power-consuming, hard for analyze, and is connected with the obtaining of new insecure wastes. Pyrometallurgical methods allow to extract the copper and components of the copper alloy from the slag. Components of the copper alloy are both in metallic and oxidate conditions. However, the well-known technologies are not enough perfect and do not provide the large-scale of extraction of metallic components from slag. Secondary slags, which are obtained herewith, are harmless. It is shown that the process activator of the gaseous reducer generation is need to be in charge along with slag waste and reducer or slag to carry out the reduction process efficiently. The proper fluxing addition is need to be injected to give the glassy shape to the final slag wastes. In condition that the stated requirements are followed, the pyrometallurgical method of the processing of copper slags supplies not only high level of extraction of metallic components from slades, but also the formation of fusion wastes in the glassy shape, which is slightly soluble in water.

keywords Bronze-fusing slag, pyrometallurgical processing, dividing fusion, reduction fusion, dividing-reduction fusion, extraction, glassy shape

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