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ArticleName Rutilisation of titanium-magnetite slags
ArticleAuthor Zelenova I. M., Morozov A. A.

A. A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science (IMET RAN)

I. M. Zelenova, Researcher, e-mail:

A. A. Morozov, Head of Laboratory


At present titanium-magnetite concentrates traditionally are used for obtaining vanadium, however the significant content in them of titanium makes possible to consider them as titanium raw material. During the pyrometallurgical processing of such concentrates the titanate slags, containing 40–60% of dioxide of titanium and requiring further enrichment, are obtained. Anosovite is basic titanocontaining phase in the slag – the solid solution of complex oxides on the basis of the high-temperature modification of the oxide Ti3O5 and at depending on composition, containing 80–85% TiO2. In connection with the high of iso- and heteromorphism into crystal lattice of anosovite can enter iron, aluminum, magnesium, manganese, chromium. Forming in the slag of artificial rutile is one of the directions of an increase in the content of the dioxide of titanium in anosovite. Mechanism and kinetics of rutilisation of slags from the concentrates layers Gremyaha-Vyrmes and Khibinski by solid-phase oxidation in air under the isothermal and polythermal conditions are studied. It is shown that in the temperature range of 400–700 oC the oxidation of the lowest oxides of titanium are occurs and with further increase in the temperature the iron and all being present lowest oxides are oxidized. With 900 oC the crystal lattice of anosovite is destroyed with the formation of the dioxide of titanium of rutile modification, containing to 95–97% TiO2. The optico-mineralogical study of the polished sections of the models of slags made it possible to determine, that for the coalescence of the submicroscopic isolations of rutile phase into the independent grains the endurance of slag with 900 oC and its slow cooling are required. On the basis obtaining the experimental dependence of the reaction rate of oxidation on the temperature is calculated the value of the activation energy in the diffusion and kinetic regions of process. Data according to the distribution of titanium and element-admixtures in the phases of the rutilecontaining slag are acquired.

keywords Titanium-magnetite concentrate, kinetics, rate of oxidation, rutilisation, activation energy, crystalline phases, anosovite, rutile

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