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ArticleName Production of the catalyst and catchment systems for ammonia conversion, according to the Umicore AG&Co.KG company's technology
ArticleAuthor Gakh S. V., Savenkov D. A.

OJSC Scientific and Industrial Complex “Supermetall”

S. V. Gakh, Head of Industrial Catalysts` Department, e-mail:

Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem

D. A. Savenkov, Purchasing manager


Platinum catalyst grids are used ever since the development of the ammonia catalytic oxydator for obtaining the nitric acid and the prissic acid. The catalyst grids are usually produced from the platinum or its alloys with rhodium and palladium. These precious metals have the special properties, what makes them the perfect catalysts for speeding up the reaction between ammonia and oxygen. In the modern world, these catalysts are the key components in the production of a wide range of materials. In 2008, a modern high tech production of the catalyst systems from the platinum base of alloys, was launched on the state of OJSC “SIC “Supermetal” in cooperation with Umicore AG&Co. KG. These systems are used during the process of ammonia oxidation, while obtaining the weak nitric acid. Catalytic systems consist of several grids of various types. These grids are made on the advanced equipment – the flat die knitting machines. The most modern and perfect product offered by SIC “Supermetal”, are the MKSprecise catalytic systems. Their main advantages are the individualized grids, structure and the material composition. It precisely corresponds to the grid position in the catalytic package, the high activity of the catalytic package, the immediate recovery of Pt and Rh in the catalyst system, the intelligent combination of single- and multilayer grid types. This makes it possible to vary the configuration of the catalyst and to select the optimal composition of the system that best meets the customers case. In the same way, the SIC “Supermetal” produces and offers the modern catching systems, which allow to find the best decision from the economic point of view, for each separate case.

keywords Сatalytic systems, high selectivity of the process, MKSpreciseTM, modern catching technology, decreasing the dead weight losses of precious metals, increasing the conversion level, significant decreasing of ammonia consumption
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