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ArticleName The installation for continuous synthesis of ultra- and nano powders of oxide materials in real ceramic production
ArticleAuthor Katznelson L. M., Kerbel B. M.

“Scientific Production Enterprise “Technologika”, Ltd

L. M. Katznelson, General Director, e-mail:


Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

B. M. Kerbel, Head of Information and Analytical Department, Professor


The article deals with designing an installation for continuous synthesis of ultra- and nanopowders of oxide materials. The optimization criteria of the installation design solutions are considered. The design solutions are based on the results of the analysis of the specific technology of continuous solid-phase synthesis, formulated as the basic principle of the continuity of the process at all stages, which means technological interconnection between the feed rate of the granulated mixture into the pre-heated reaction chamber, isothermal soaking time, the volume of the oxide material being synthesized and its removal from the reaction chamber. They are determined by the time and temperature conditions of every specific material synthesis. The installation is made up of separate blocks, each with its own functions. The blocks, in turn, consist of modules which can be of different design, depending on the conditions of oxide material synthesis. Experimental results of some oxide material synthesis are given, as well as the possibility to convert them to nanostructure on the example of titanium dioxide. It is demonstrated that the installation for continuous synthesis in real ceramic production enables significant reduction of the time of oxide material synthesis and to simplify the whole technology of ceramic production. The cycle time of pellet manufacturing is ten times less as compared with the conventional technology.

keywords Technology, continuous solid-phase synthesis, oxide materials, installation, design, specifications

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