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ArticleName Improving the preparation of solutions pre-extraction with providing automated start of centrifuges in apparatus for reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel
ArticleAuthor Kladiev S. N., Kolodnikov I. A., Maksimov I. A., Pischulin V. P.

Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

S. N. Kladiev, Assistant Professor, Head of Department of Electrical Drive and Automation, e-mail:
I. A. Kolodnikov, Postgraduate Student
I. A. Maksimov, Postgraduate Student, Department of Electrical Drive and Automation
V. P. Pischulin, Professor, Department of Machinery and Devices of Chemical Production


Technological processes of nuclear fuel waste treatment have been reviewed. The importance of preparing solutions for extracting and mechanical cleaning from impurities is shown. The possibility to control and regulate the speed of electric drives of the continuous mode centrifuge with screw sediment unloading in the unit for cleaning the regenerated uranium solutions from mechanical impurities, while processing the waste, is stated. Without limiting stator current and with the flux oriented close to the x-axis, it is possible to have a proportional relationship between the stator current and electromagnetic moment of asynchronous engine. Startup and break transients of rotor electric drive have been studied on simulation models. The mechanical system is stated to enable optimal operating modes and to improve cleaning uranium solutions from insoluble impurities. The variable frequency drive of the screw allows to control unloading the sediment from the centrifuge and prevents the sediment from stirring up in the cleaned solution. It has been experimentally shown that level of solution cleaning depends on previous flocculating agent processing and is determined by the volume of suspension feed into centrifuge, first of all by the unresolved admixture in the same volume.

keywords Centrifuge electric drive, startup and break transients, centrifuge rotor, sediment unloading screw, flow rate control, modeling electric drive systems, automation

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