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ArticleName Analysis of the process and apparatus for sublimation of uranium hexafluoride and other volatile fluorides
ArticleAuthor Belozerov B. P., Rusakov I. Yu., Andreev G. G., Zhiganov A. N., Kobzar Yu. F.

Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

B. P. Belozerov, Professor, e-mail:

I. Yu. Rusakov, Assistant Professor

A. N. Zhiganov, Professor


National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

G. G. Andreev, Head of the Institute, Professor

Tomsk Atomic Center

Yu. F. Kobzar, Director


The main requirement to desublimators is maximum extraction of the target product from vapor and gas mixture entering an apparatus. This is utterly important in the field of radiochemical industry for the uranium reprocessing. The mechanisms of desublimation were thoroughly considered. It is known that in technological equipment desublimation takes place on the chilled surfaces of apparatus, and its volume is equal to the space around these surfaces. It was found that the major reason for the product loss is the carry-out of aerosols created in the result of volume sublimation. We have considered the desublimation units used both in chemical and radiochemical industries. The schemes of superficial desublimators with mechanically renewed surface, heat relief from desublimator, advanced heat exchange surface and heated outside wall were described in this work. The analysis of work of the desublimator with “warm” outside wall showed that on its inside chilled surface and on the joint ribs there is a superficial desublimation of products vapors. Some part of the target product in the volume of the space between the ribs makes aerosols. They sublimate secondly, going through the gap between the partition and the heated wall, and the process multiply repeats. Before exiting from the apparatus the vapor and gas mixture has the concentration of product below the critical, and the desublimation in the volume does not occure. On the basis of the thorough analysis of the existing desublimation constructions a new desublimator with two heated walls preventing wastes of the product was proposed. Our desublimation unites were confirmed by many patents.

keywords Radiochemistry, volatile fluorides, superficial desublimation, volume desublimation, desublimat, desublimator

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