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ArticleName Development of mathematical model of extraction process
ArticleAuthor Krivopustov S. I., Pishchulin V. P., Brendakov V. N., Terovsky S. V.

Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

S. I. Krivopustov, Postgraduate Student, Department of Machinery and Devices of Chemical Production
V. P. Pishchulin, Professor, Department of Machinery and Devices of Chemical Production, ph. +7 (3823) 54-66-82
V. N. Brendakov, Head of Department of Applied Informatics
S. V. Terovsky, Postgraduate Student, Department of Machinery and Devices of Chemical Production


In the given work on the basis of theoretical analysis we have considered elaboration of a mathematical model of extraction process in pulsing extraction column with two types of batch nozzles, intended for the extraction refining of uranium from concentrates of natural or regenerated uranium by means of neutral extragent of tributyl phosphate in kerosene or some other hydrocarbon fractions. The working material in extraction equipment is a two-phase medium. Studying its specifications is very important for research of different methods of extraction process intensification and for determining optimal terms of equipment operation. It allows to solve problems connected with design of extraction equipment, control of technological process, prognosis of optimal operation modes of an extractor and main properties of its reliability and working capacity. We researched the base methods of analysis, modeling and optimization of real production technological schemes. A system of differential equations depicting the transport of a valuable substance in water and organic phases by the height of column pulsing extractor, which is usable for modeling the technological process of extraction uranium refining, was made. Using special software controlled by means of the MIK$Sys package on controlling the technological process and displaying the trends of deviations of technological parameters from standard limits, in the proposed information window, we carried out an analysis of operating mode of extraction column for a definite time period with random choice of types of technological parameters. The model of extraction process in extraction pulsing column with mass shifting plates TM was offered. The analysis of mass transport process and calculations of volume mass transport ratio were performed. A regressive equation depicting the extraction process in the column pulsing extractor and the dependence of valuable component concentration in the extract on the concentration and expense of water phase and that of extragent were obtained. The obtained analytical dependences were used for automatic regulation of the extraction process.

keywords Chemical and technological system, modeling, extraction column, technological parameters, parameter monitoring, statistic analysis, regressive equation, extractor, technological process

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