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ArticleName High-temperature way of synthesis of volatile binary fluorides from different mineral raw materials by inertialess flame reactor
ArticleAuthor Trotsenko N. M., Cheltsov A. N., Sosnin L. Yu., Belozerov B. P.

National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”, Institute of Molecular Physics

N. M. Trotsenko, Senior Research Officer

A. N. Cheltsov, Senior Researcher, e-mail:

L. Yu. Sosnin, Researcher


Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

B. P. Belozerov, Professor


In work the high-efficiency way of synthesis of volatile binary fluorides which wide application can find is offered: for maintenance with raw material of branch isotope; in technology of regeneration of the irradiated nuclear fuel; at reception of large parties nanopowder a method of their sedimentation from a gas phase; at gasification of ore concentrates and waste heaps for clearing a component or them concentration (for example, allocation of thorium from monazite sand) and of some other problems. In work technological aspects of gasification oxide mineral raw material by gaseous fluorine in view of thermal kinetic and thermodynamic features of process of burning under condition of the maximal extraction a component and maintenance of the minimal losses of fluorine (the organization of its «circulation») are considered. Was established the basic criteria for the selection of the constructive design of the industrial site of fluorine gasification for raw materials. Flaming apparatus for fluorination was chosen. Constructive design of a flame reactor allows to synthesize flying fluorides with high efficiency at a significant resource of work of the device.

keywords Fluorine, synthesis of fluorides, volatile, apparatus, oxides of uranium, gexafluoride of uranium, flame reactor, mineral raw material, nanopowder, gasification

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