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ArticleName Technological information system for the control and management of uranium mining enterprise by underground leaching
ArticleAuthor Istomin A. D., Babkin A. S., Noskov M. D., Cheglokov A. A., Poponin N. A.

Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

A. D. Istomin, Assistant Professor, Physics Department
M. D. Noskov, Deputy Head of the Institute for the Research, e-mail:
A. A. Cheglokov, Senior Lecturer, Physics Department


Close Joint Stock Company “Dalur”

A. S. Babkin, Head of Production Department
N. A. Poponin, Director of Production


Technological information system designed for monitoring and managing the uranium mining by underground leaching is presented. The three information flows of mining complex are identified with the help of system analysis of geotechnological enterprise, and task that arise in the course of their operation are classified. The structure and underlying principles of the technological information system functioning are developed. The system consists of the set of client programs, which allow to collect, store, process and analyse information on the work of the mining complex and elaborate control solutions. The relational database, hosted at the MS SQL Server, is used for information storage. The client programs interaction with the database is based on the clientserver technology. Each client program is designed to solve specific task by plant personnel. Application of the system at geotechnological enterprise, which develops Dalmatovskoe uranium deposit by sulfuric acid underground leaching method (JSC Dalur), is described. Use of the technological information system for the monitoring and management of uranium mining by the underground leaching ensures reliability and accuracy of the information on the mining complex work, operationability of access to any data at various levels, facilitates the preparation of the work reports (per shift, day, month, year), allows to analyse geotechnological block processing to identify factors affecting performance. The created system can be modified to meet the challenges of geotechnological companies, which develop deposits of gold, copper and other metals by the underground leaching method.

keywords Information system, technological process management, data base, in-situ leaching, uranium deposit

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