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ArticleName Optimization of statistical decisions at forecasting of platform structures
ArticleAuthor Vislova M. A., Vorobev V. Ya.
ArticleAuthorData Vislova M. A., Vorobev V. Ya., phone: (8452) 51-69-52
Abstract The method of optimization of statistical decisions at forecasting of structural discontinuities of sedimentary cover is considered. A range of parameters participating in forecasting and having information weight is resulted. At that the great attention is given to introduction of restrictions in created models with a goal to minimize forecasting errors. The offered technological scheme of processing of the information allows to choose adequate model of reflexion of structural features of territory of research in indirect indicators.
keywords Forecasting, indirect criteria, structural heterogeneity, capacity of deposits, model, criterion function.
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2. Kholin A. I. Ispol'zovanie matamaticheskikh metodov dlya prognozs lokal'nikh struktur. – M. : VNIIOENG, 1970. – 108 p.
3. Vorob'ev V. Ya. Informativnost' prognozirovaniya kosvennykh pokazateley prognozirovaniya neftegazonosnosti lokal'nykh struktur // Nedra Povolzh'ya i Prikaspiya. 2005. № 5.
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