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Carbonyl technology
ArticleName Prospects of application of the carbonyl metallurgy processes and materials in the field of high technologies
ArticleAuthor Biketova L. V., Lisakov Yu. N., Mnukhin A. S., Pelikh Yu. M., Severgin Yu. P.
ArticleAuthorData Biketova L. V., phone: (812)335-30-78
Abstract Carbonyl process, the optimal method of production of iron, nickel and iron-nickel nanopowders is considered. This process is based on ability of nickel and iron to form the metal-organic compounds (МОS) — carbonyls by their interaction with carbon monoxide. Control of process of forming the structure, regulation of the size and the form of particles, bulk density and a specific surface is possible via varying parameters of decomposition process of carbonyl.
keywords Nanopowders, CVD-technology (method of chemical deposition from gas phase), metal-organic compound — carbonyls, thermal destruction, reversible dissociation.
References 1. Kipnis A. Ya. // Razvitie teoreticheskih osnov metallurgicheskih pritsessov nikelya, kobalta I medi. Spb. : Gipronikel, 1991. P. 149-169.
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