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ArticleName Reception of rich concentrates of platinum metals from semifinished products of copper-nickel production
ArticleAuthor Lastochkina M. A., Vergizova Т. V., Greiver T. N.
ArticleAuthorData Lastochkina M. A., phone: (812)335-31-00(48-58)
Abstract The autoclave-flotation technology improved and adapted by the laboratory of hydrometallurgy at JSC “Gipronickel Institute” to various commercial products, enriched by precious metals (slime of nickel electrorefining, residual portions from sulphuric and chloric leaching of nis material and reduced nickel monoxide) is examined. Low-temperature leaching and flotation depending on chemical and phase composition of a primary concentrate of precious metals are considered as head operations of this technology. Considered technology is rather multiple-purpose and suitable for processing of a wide spectrum of semifinished products of copper-nickel production, used for concentration of precious metals.
keywords Primary concentrate of precious metals, smelting, hydrochlorination, high- and low-temperature leaching, flotation.
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