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ArticleName Study of structural formin in aqueous solutions of vanadium (V) oxide
ArticleAuthor Islamov R. S., Suleimenov I. E., Romanteev Yu. P., Suleimenov E. N.
ArticleAuthorData Islamov R. S., e-mail:
Abstract The results of investigations on determination of structure of inorganic aqueous solutions are presented. Appearance of spontaneous forming of mesogels from aqueous solutions of vanadium (V) oxide on probes from different materials is substantiated. The results of investigations of kinetics of forming such structures are presented; they allow to suggest that they are consequences of forming vanadium poly-acids. Investigations of construction of aqueous solutions of vanadium (V) oxide induce practical interest (development of technological processes of production of vanadium compounds, including nana-dispersed ones), as well as fundamental interest.
keywords vanadium oxide, aqueous solution, mesogels, kinetics of gels forming, copper probes.
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