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ArticleName Testing of concentration technology for ores from “Kyzyk-Chadyr” deposit in Tuva
ArticleAuthor Burdin N. V., Lebedev V. I., Lebedev N. I.
ArticleAuthorData Burdin N. V., e-mail:
Abstract As a result on undertaken semi-industrial testings, the technological route for concentration of ores from Kyzyk-Chadyr deposit in Tuva has been developed; it provide high characteristics of gold, silver and copper extraction. Obtained gold-copper concentrate contains a lot of gold, silver and more than 50% of copper, what allows to classify this concentrate to copper ones of high quality standard KMO (GOST 48-77–74). Analysis of quality of tailings of gravitation concentration has shown that their additional processing via leaching is not efficient economically.
keywords gold extraction, quartzite ores, gravitation concentration, concentrate, trough lock, mineral particles, centrifugal concentrator.
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