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ArticleName The thermodynamic analysis of equilibrium between slag and blister copper in Vaniukov two-zone converter
ArticleAuthor Tsymbulov L. B., Kolosova E. Yu., Knyazev M. V.
ArticleAuthorData Tsymbulov L. B., e-mail:
Abstract A brand new process of blister copper production at copper mattes and concentrates treatment in tow-zone Vaniukov Converter has been developed at Gipronickel Institute facility. Thermodynamic analysis of exchange interaction has been performed for «slag melt — metal phase formed in the over-the-lance area of Vaniukov Converter reduction zone» system and for «slag melt — bottom phase of blister copper located in the bottom (under-the-lance) area of Vaniukov Converter» system. Based on the thermodynamic analysis data, the original design of two-zone Vaniukov Converter has been proved to be able to create conditions ensuring production of blister copper of higher quality, as compared to one-zone Vaniukov Converter process, copper concentration in slag being substantially lower.
keywords the dual chamber basic oxygen Vanukov furnace, slag, blister copper, the thermodynamic analysis.
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