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ArticleName Express-method of strengthening of waterproofing for operating cleaning facilities
ArticleAuthor Zubchenko G. V.
ArticleAuthorData Zubchenko G. V., e-mail:
Abstract The article presents the results of express-method for reinforcing the insulation of working purifying facilities. The method employs a new insulation material — ultrafine infiltration-resisting product — at a number of industrial sites, which helps to efficiently safe the environment from harmful effect of effluent infiltration and to rationally use hydro-energetic resources.
keywords purifying facilities, insulation, ultrafine infiltration-resisting product, effluent, express-method, ultrafine, pollution, infiltration, ground waters.
References 1. Зубченко Г. В. // Горный журнал. 2005. № 3. С. 55–59.
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