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ArticleName Study of regularities of varying oxygen content in Pl-Pd alloys depending on rate of plastic deformation and development of recrystallization processes
ArticleAuthor Mamonov S. N., Biront V. S., Gurskaya V. Yu., Volkova E. A.
ArticleAuthorData Mamonov S. N., e-mail:
Abstract It was established that deformation rate 86±2 % is the ultimate for platinum base alloys (PlPdRd 5-5, PlRd), and jump-like rise of oxygen content occurs higher that this value. It demonstrates the initial stages of metal destruction. Completeness and quality of heat treatment technology can be estimated via oxygen content that should be approximated to the value of content before plastic deformation.
keywords platinum alloys, deformation rate, oxygen content, gas analysis, annealing, bar surface, heat treatment.
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