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ArticleName Automation of thickening process at No. 2 Hydrometallurgical plant: ways of solution
ArticleAuthor Loy V. V.
ArticleAuthorData Loy V. V., (8-10-998-79) 577-36-59
Abstract The system for automatic control of thickening process is presented; it includes two mutually connected control loops — automatic adjusting of feeding of flocculant working solution (polyacrylamide) depending on its concentration, pulp consumption for feeding thickener and current value of the level of brightened layer, and automatic adjusting of discharge of thickener via varying of pumping speed of thickened pulp. Management algorithms using by managing microprocessing controller of SIMATIC S7-400 (Siemens product) that is the main component of the system of automatic control of thickening process are presented.
keywords thickening process, pulp, flocculant, polyacrylamide, thickener, density, automatic control system.
Language of full-text russian
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