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ArticleName Estimation of involvement prospects of rocks with low content of useful component in processing at “Muruntau” deposit
ArticleAuthor Sytenkov V. N., Rudnev S. V., Naimova R. Sh.
ArticleAuthorData Sytenkov V. N., (8-10-998-79) 577-02-04.
Abstract The technology for usage of opened rocks at "Muruntau" quarry as a potential raw material base of the processing plant is estimated. The methodical approach to choosing of this technology has been presented; it was tested in realization of the heap leaching technology. Granulometric rock composition in dumps has been examined; these dumps were formed using different transportation technologies. Gold distribution in the dumps and amount of conditioned ore mass there have been evaluated, the features of dumps forming depending on technology of ore mass transportation are considered. It was established that involvement of opened rocks in processing will allow to increase usage of the deposit resource potential by 6–7%.
keywords opened rocks, mining-processing complex, granulometric composition, side content, gold, dumps forming, automotive and conveyor transport.
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