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ArticleName Carbothermic reduction of cobalt (II) oxide in a DC arc furnace
ArticleAuthor Zhukov V. P., Kniss V. A., Avdeev A. S., Kniss S. V.
ArticleAuthorData Zhukov V. P., e-mail:
Abstract The results of industrial meltings for examination of dynamics of high-temperature reduction of bivalented cobalt oxide by graphite from melt are presented. It is shown that reduction rate in the field of temperatures 1500–1620° is restricted by reaction of carbon gasification. The value of empiric power of process activation is determined and makes 212.8 kJ/mol. Empiric equations between residual oxygen concentration in cobalt melt and process duration are obtained for different temperatures. Recommendations for efficiency rise of reducing electric melting for fiery cobalt are suggested.
keywords arc furnace, cobalt oxide, reduction, melt temperature, gas phase, oxygen, activation power.
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