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ArticleName Sulphidizing of oxidized nickel ore by vaporous sulphur
ArticleAuthor Bystrov S. V., Shchelkunov V. V., Tsoy A. V.
ArticleAuthorData Shchelkunov V. V., e-mail:
Abstract The research work for sulphidizing of oxidized nickel ore by elementary sulphur is undertaken. Based on the results, degree of desulphurizing and nickel extraction into matte are calculated and relationships between different factors such as temperature, amount of used sulphur and sulphidizing time, are built. The results of this work allow to conclude about possibility of usage of technical sulphur as sulphidizing agent, applying to processing of oxidized nickel ores in Vanyukov furnace.
keywords matte, slag, nickel, iron, sulphidizing, temperature, desulphurizing degree.
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