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ArticleName Usage of the new national gold solder alloy Golpident (Super VP) for metalloceramic dental prostheses
ArticleAuthor Kazieva K. O., Lebedenko I. Yu., Parunov V. A., Stepanova G. S.
ArticleAuthorData Parunov V. A., e-mail:
Abstract This study is devoted to comparison of the properties of the new gold solder alloy Goldpident (Super VP) in fluidity on substrates from national noble stomatological alloys for metalloceramic dental prostheses in combination with different fluxes. Substrates of alloys named Plagodent (Super KM), Palladent (Superpal) and Vititiy have been made for the experiment. Usual borax, DS 1 (Degudent), Minoxyd (Bego) and flux developed for Bekadent solder were used as fluxes.
keywords solder alloy, Golpident, stomatological alloys, dental prostheses, Plagodent, Palladent, Vitiriy, flux.
Language of full-text russian
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