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ArticleName Development of casting production in aluminium shops
ArticleAuthor Ovchenkov V. L., Anosov V. F., Tepikin S. V., Shelkovnikov Yu. P., Kanin D. I.
ArticleAuthorData Kanin D. I., (3952)-29-15-00.
Abstract The results of scientific-research and engineering-designing developments of SibVAMI during last years are directed on development of casting production at aluminium enterprises. Up-to-date automatic melting and casting complexes have been developed; they are equipped with turning mixers having gas and electric heating, with the systems for metal cleaning with removal of non*metallic and gas inclusions, with devices for melt filtration via foamy ceramic filters. The complex of operations for modernization of the outmoded technological equipment and casting auxiliaries is executed.
keywords aluminium production, melting-casting complex, refiner, filter, alloying composition, turning mixer, vacuum ladle, automatic control system for technological process.
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