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Metal processing
ArticleName Structure and properties of ultra-fine grain aluminium alloys and possibilities of their usage
ArticleAuthor Dobatkin S. V.
ArticleAuthorData S. V. Dobatkin, Head of Laboratory of Metallurgy Sciences of Non-ferrous and Light Metals, e-mail:, The Baykov Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The structures and properties (durability during static and cylindrical pressures, plasticity, superplasticity) of ultra-fine grain aluminium alloys and possibilities of their usage have been considered. Two schemes of intense plastic deformation as the most developed have been considered: torsion under hydrostatic pressure and equal-channel angle pressure. Intense plastic deformation of aluminium alloys lead to grain crushing down to nano-size. The structure has been characterized with high dislocation density, non-equilibrium grain borders and changed phase composition. This structure is characterized by very high density and relatively low plasticity. The possibility of raising fatique properties and demonstration of low-temperature and high-speed superplasticity in extra strong ultra-fine grain aluminium alloys has been shown. Usage of intensive plastic deformation of ultra-fine grain aluminium alloys is the most prospective as semi-finished product for follow formation in condition of superplasticity.
keywords Ultra-fine grain alloys, aluminium alloys, plastic deformation, durability superplasticity, alloy structure, energy intensity.

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