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Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName About mechanism of reaction passivation of pyrrhotine concentrate in process of sulfuric acid leaching
ArticleAuthor D'yachenko V. T., Bryukvin V. A., Kitay A. G., Bolshikh A. O., Andrushkevich V. A.
ArticleAuthorData V. T. D'yachenko, Head of Department of Production and Technical Development of Norilsk Nickel; V. A. Bryukvin, Head of Laboratory, phone: (499) 135-87-30; A. G. Kitay, Leading Researcher; A. O. Bol'shikh, Leading Engineer; V. A. Andrushkevich, Researcher, Norilsk Nickel Basic Research Laboratory, The Baykov Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The mechanism of reaction passivation of pyrrhotine concentrate, arising due to blocking of heterogeneous phase separation on solid:liquid products with products of Fe (III) hydrolysis, settling from solution on active concentrate surface as general ferrisulphate has been established on the base of realized physical-chemical analysis of macrokinetic features of sulfuric acid leaching. Obtained data show failure of conception of reaction passivation mechanism of pyrrhotine concentrates with elemental sulphur, formed in leaching process and open possibilities of improvement of present technology of their sulphur acid processing.
keywords Sulfuric acid leaching, pyrrhotine concentrate, first stage, second stage, elemental sulphur, cake output, sulphur oxidation, Fe (III) content, extraction, acid consumption.

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