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75 years of Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant
ArticleName Chemical and Electrochemical Purification of Alumina Production Solutions
ArticleAuthor Yatsenko S. P., Rubinshtein G. M., Pyagai I. N.

S. P. Yatsenko, head of department, e-mail:; G. M. Rubinshtein, senior scientist; I. N. Pyagai, senior scientist, Institute of Chemistry of Solids, Ural Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The methods for removal of Zn, Fe, Si, S and organic substances from alkali-aluminate solutions at processing by the compounds of Mg, Ca, NaS and electrolysis are discussed and the experimental results are presented. The conditions of the most effective removal of impurities from Bayer solutions, providing the manufacturing of high quality alumina, are determined.
keywords Solutions of aluminiuim oxide production, removing of impurities, processing by magnesium and calcium compounds, electrolysis of solutions
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