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75 years of Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant
Название Research and Development of Technology of Hydrometallurgical Processing of Calcined Waelz-oxide with Extraction of Indium
Автор Kozlov P. A., Zatonskiy A. V., Reshetnikov Yu. V., Girshengorn А. P., Ivakin D. A.
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P. A. Kozlov, doctor of science, head of the Engineering centre; A. V. Zatonskiy, technical director; Yu. V. Reshetnikov, deputy technical director, e-mail: uvr@zinc.ru; А. P. Girshengorn, head of hydrometallurgical plant; D. A. Ivakin, candidate of science, head of production office of the Engineering centre, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CZP). V. V. Boldyrev, deputy head of production office, took part in preparation of the paper

Research and development results of technology of hydrometallurgical processing of calcined Waelz-fumes for the purpose of zinc and indium extraction and lead deducing into lead concentrate are submitted. The technology is designed on processing of 55–60 th. tonnes of oxide per year with the use of existing equipment of hydrometallurgical plant of CZP. Key parameters of technology and choice of process flow diagram for leaching and influence of leaching parameters on extraction of indium is presented. Calcination of Waelz-oxide allows reducing number and duration of leach operation in comparison with non-calcined product after soda-water washing. For calcined oxide it is advisable to perform leaching in two stages, thus received acid solution is suitable for extraction of indium.
Ключевые слова Waelz-process, Waelz-oxide, zinc, indium, calcination, leaching
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