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75 years of Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant
ArticleName Development of Waelz-оxide Calcination with Usage of the Large-sized Tube-type Furnace
ArticleAuthor Panshin A. M., Kozlov P. A., Zatonskiy A. V., Gizatulin O. V., Ivakin D. A.

A. M. Panshin, candidate of science, general director, phone: (351) 799-00-00; P. A. Kozlov, doctor of science, head of the Engineering centre; A. V. Zatonskiy, technical director; O. V. Gizatulin, head of Waelzplant; D. A. Ivakin, candidate of science, head of production office of the Engineering centre, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CZP)

Results of development of calcination technology of Waelz-oxide in the tube-type furnace (41.0×2.5 m) of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant are submitted. Technology key parameters are presented. The technological scheme is shown. Calcination of Waelz-oxide is one of the widespread technologies of its preparation for hydrometallurgical processing till now. Its advantages are oxidation of sulphides, organic reducers in Waelz-fumes, chlorine and fluorine removal. To reduce mechanical dust carry-over from rotating furnace and amount of secondary fumes, intensification of calcination process Waelz-oxide is subjected to pelletization.
keywords Waelz-process, Waelz-oxide, calcination, pelletization, grinding, chlorine, fluorine, reducing ability
1. P. A. Kozlov. Waelz-process. — M. : Ore and Metals, 2002 — 176 P.
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