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75 years of Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant
ArticleName Development of Waelz-process of Zinc Agglomerated Cakes in Large Waelz-furnace
ArticleAuthor Kozlov P. A., Zatonskiy A. V., Reshetnikov Yu. V., Gizatulin O. V., Ivakin D. A.

P. A. Kozlov, doctor of science, head of the Engineering centre, e-mail:; A. V. Zatonskiy, technical director; Yu. V. Reshetnikov, deputy technical director; O. V. Gizatulin, head of Waelz-plant; D. A. Ivakin, candidate of science, head of production office of the Engineering centre, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CZP)

Results of development of processing technology of zinc agglomerated cakes by Waelz-process on large-sized (60.0×4.0) Waelz-furnace at Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant are described. Technical decisions on improvement of technology and Waelz-process equipment are resulted. In the course of development following technical and economic indices are reached: productivity of the kiln 320 t/day, campaign of the furnace 412 days, natural gas is used basically only at kiln start up.
keywords Zinc, oxidized raw materials, Waelzprocess, large-sized Waelz-furnace, waste-heat boiler, bag filters, charge preparation, granulation
1. Kozlov P. A., Povysheva E. V., Zolkina A. V., Vorobyov A. G. Modern condition and prospects of the usage Waelz-process for zinc recovery from EAF dusts // Tsvetnye Metally. 2009. No. 7. P. 36–40.
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