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75 years of Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant
Название Industrial Tests of Cathodes and Anodes at Electrolysis of Zinc
Автор Zatonskiy A. V., Kozlov P. A., Efremenko A. S., Chemeryazev D. V., Nesmelov V. Yu.
Информация об авторе

Zatonskiy A. V., technical director, e-mail: avz@zink.ru; Kozlov P. A., doctor of science, head of the Engineering centre; Efremenko A. S., head of zinc electrolytic complex; Chemeryazev D. V., deputy head of zinc electrolytic complex in production; Nesmelov V. Yu., candidate of science, head of reconstruction office of the Engineering centre, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant

Data on key parameters of zinc electrolysis at Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant is listed. The analysis of results of industrial tests of cathodes and anodes at zinc electrolysis is made. Usage of several types of glue and sealant compound for attachment of accessories is considered. It is shown that reliable attachment of accessories of the cathode is the essential factor influencing the service life of the cathode in the conditions of chipping. Results of operation of cathodes “Limpact” are listed. Industrial tests of anodes have shown that the increase in the size of cast anodes in two times reduces term of their service twice as less in comparison with rolled anodes used earlier. Laboratory researches of the rolled lead anode with calcium and tin addings on zinc electrolysis are realized.
Ключевые слова Сathode, anode, electrolysis, zinc, current density, chipping, accessories attachment, corrosion stability, current output
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