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The problems of environment protection in metallurgy
ArticleName Elaboration of the potassium and sodium ferrates (VI) syntesis by a self-sustaining combustion method
ArticleAuthor Ul'yanova M. A., Rylov Yu. B., Andreev V. P., Putin S. B.
ArticleAuthorData M. A. Ul'yanova, Head of Laboratory No. 2, Department of Chemistry and New Chemical Technologies, e-mail:; Yu. B. Rylov, Jounior Researcher; V. P. Andreev, Researcher; S. B. Putin, The First Depury Director, Deputy Director of Scientific Work, The Roskhimzashita Corporation.
The possibility of the potassium and sodium ferrate (VI) obtaining by a self-sustaining combustion method characterized by a high content of basic substance and low power consumption is experimentally confirmed. The main parameters affecting the ferrates (VI) synthesis process, such as pressing density, residual moisture of the initial components, content of active oxygen in the initial peroxide compounds are established. Optimum ratio of the initial components is given along with conditions of their intercation allowing to obtain high-grade ferrates (VI).
keywords Ferrates (VI) synthesis, self-sustaining combustion, endothermic reaction, peroxide compounds, pressing density, residual moisture, active oxigen.

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