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Hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous, rare and noble elements: problems and prospects
ArticleName Enhancing the effectiveness of zirconium obtaining electolytical process
ArticleAuthor Shikov A. K., Kabanov A. A., Bezumov V. N., Dunaev A. I., Matyushkin N. A.
ArticleAuthorData A. K. Shikov, Executive Director, Kurchatov Centre of Converging of Nano-, Bio-, Information and Cognitive Sciences and Technologies; A. A. Kabanov, Deputy Director of Process and Technologies Branch; V. N. Bezumov, Head of Laboratory, e-mail:; A. I. Dunaev, Senior Researcher; N. A. Matyushkin, Researcher, Research Institute named after Bochvar.
Method of electolytical zirconium obtaining process effectiveness rising (current output) based on usage of electolyte with sodium and magnesium chlorides additives with the application of mathematical models for electrolyte composition automatic control is examined. Matehmatical models for salt components consumption, cathode residue weight and excess electolyte determining are described. It is shown that their application allows to implement electrolyzing with minimal fluctuations of the major elements (Zr, Cl, Na, Mg) concentrations in electolyte.
keywords Electolytic process, fluoride-chloride melts, mathematical model, current output, zirconium obtaining, electolyte composition, cathode polarisation, automatic control.

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