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Pyrometallurgy: theory and practice
ArticleName Determination of component activity in metal melts, contained Cu, Ni, Co, Fe using calculation methods
ArticleAuthor Tsymbulov L. B., Kolosova E. Yu., Tsemekhman L. Sh.
ArticleAuthorData L. B. Tsymbulov, Chief Researcher, Laboratory of Pyrometallurgy, phone: (812) 335-32-87, the "Gipronickel" Institute; E. Yu. Kolosova, Assistant, St. Peterburg State Polytechnical University; L. Sh. Tsemekhman, Head of Pyrometallurgical Laboratory, the "Gipronickel" Institute. The work has been executed under scientific supervision of Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Department of Physical Chemistry, St. Peterburg State Polytechnical University A. G. Morachevskiy.
The data about thermodynamical properties of metal melts, contained copper and metals of iron subgroup has been limited at present time. The experimental determination of components activity in metallurgical melts with high temperatures demands a lot of working hours. But the result with high degree of accuracy can be obtained not always. Providing achieving the characteristics of triple and more sophisticated systems can be obtained on the base of known thermodynamical properties of double systems is expedient using different calculation methods. The results of calculation of activities and activity coefficient of components in melts of Cu-Ni-Fe, Cu-Ni-Co, Cu-Fe-Co and Fe-Ni-Co triple systems have been presented in this paper. The good correspondence of calculation results with the results of dependable experimental researches has been shown. The results of activities and activity coefficient calculations for several contents of Cu-Ni-Fe-Co system have been presented.
keywords Thermodynamical analysis, activity, activity coefficient, melts, copper, nickel, cobalt, iron, metal melt, Gibbs energy.

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