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The modern tendency of development in metal industry
ArticleName Tendencies of non-ferrous metals autoclave hydrometallurgy development
ArticleAuthor Shneerson Ya. M., Nabojchenko S. S.
ArticleAuthorData Ya. M. Shneerson, General Director, e-mail:, Research and Development Centre “Gidrometallurgia”; S. S. Naboychenko, President, Ural Federal University.
The contemporary trends in the development of the autoclave processes in the metallurgy of nickel, cobalt, copper, gold, molybdenum and other non-ferrous and precious metals are stated. It is shown that during last decade several autoclave plants have been put into commercial operation or got ready to be put in a number of countries. Different methods of leaching used at the modern plants for extraction of non-ferrous and precious metals are presented.
keywords Autoclave leaching, bioleaching, intensification of processes, double refractory ore, ultra-fine grinding, SX-EW method, nickel, copper, gold, molybdenum.

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