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The modern tendency of development in metal industry
ArticleName Natural nanosized gold in arsenical pyrite
ArticleAuthor Meretukov M. A.
ArticleAuthorData M. A. Meretukov, Scientific Consultant, e-mail:
Content of nanosized gold particles in refractory sulphide ores can attain 2–5 g/t. The information about different forms of invisible gold conditions in ore, obtained with microprobe analytic techniques, assists to determination of optimal technological scheme. The possible mechanisms of forming of nanosized gold particles in prime sulphide ores have been considered on the base of literature overview. The data about thermal resistance of nanosized particles in content of arsenical pyrite has been presented.
keywords Refractory gold-bearing ores, nanosized gold fraction, arsenical pyrite, thermal resistance, structure, matrix, crystal.

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