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ArticleName Digital transformation of mining industry: Past, Present and Future
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2020.09.01
ArticleAuthor Lukichev S. V., Nagovitsin O. V.

Mining Institute, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Apatity, Russia:

S. V. Lukichev, Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
O. V. Nagovitsin, Deputy Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The paper describes the principal features of applying digital technologies in mining when switching to Industry 4.0 and presents the technological and economic consequences. The authors show evolution of information technologies in mining from the mid-1960s up to the present day. The Mining and Geological Information System (MGIS) MINEFRAME is used as an example to demonstrate potential of modern geoinformation systems in solving various tasks such as geological modeling and reserve estimation, survey support, as well as design and planning of mining operations. MINEFRAME’s structure and functionality allows creating a computer technology of engineering support of open and underground mining for certain mine conditions. This makes it possible to come to generation of united digital technological space of a mine and, based on it, to create robotized mining technologies. One of the ways of optimizing technological decisions is application of a system approach through modeling of geotechnical objects and processes in mines. The wide range of tasks of mining digitalization and a big share of the scientific component suppose high degree of cooperation to be carried out by different scientific teams and manufacturers of modern mining equipment. The authors make a conclusion on necessary integration of decisions in digital modeling of mining objects and processes with creation of a domestic digital MGIS platform.
The studies were carried out under state assignment No. 0226-2019-0062.

keywords Industry 4.0, digital twins, mining operations, mining and geological information system, MINEFRAME, digital transformation

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