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ArticleName Induction heat treatment as a way to control cold-rolled strip transverse profile
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2019.06.11
ArticleAuthor Pevzner M. Z.

Vyatka State University, Kirov, Russia:

M. Z. Pevzner, Professor, e-mail:


This paper considers a relationship between the transverse profile of the L68 and L63 brass band and the profile of the blank subjected to transverse flux induction heating (TFIH) and the distribution of properties across the blank, which can be controlled by changing the width of the blank versus the width of the induction heater. A three-phase line-frequency induction heater was used for intermediate TFIH treatment. Such heater consists of two modules, each of which constitutes a separate induction heater comprising two halves situated on both sides of the band and creating opposite magnetic poles in the opposite teeth of the magnetic core. The two halves have compensated windings, i.e. windings with the opposite succession of the phases. Due to this, the magnetic fields travel in the opposite directions and the axial forces completely compensate each other. A common delta network is used. The following process included cold rolling on a four-high rolling mill without using the roll bending system. The back-up rolls have a cylindrical profile while the work rolls have a crown of +0.02 mm. It was found that the heterogeneity of properties in the blank, i.e. a softer centre versus the edges, lessens or prevents the crown altogether in the following rolling operation irrespective of the prior processing or the type of material. At the same time, no compromised flatness was observed when the band was subjected to high strain passing through the stand with 250 mm work rolls. It is shown that the ratio between the width of the induction heater and the width of the blank serves as one of the factors that define the transverse heterogeneity of the mechanical properties after TFIH treatment and — indirectly — the transverse profile of the rolled band. Effective utilisation of the edge effect occurring in the process of TFIH treatment delivers a unique additional opportunity to control the profile of the finished rolled products.

keywords Cold rolling, strips, bands, transverse profile, induction heat treatment, profile control, width of the induction heater, transverse magnetic field, three-phase induction heater, edge effect, distribution of properties

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