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ArticleName Evaluation of prospects for apatite–nepheline mining at Partomchorr
DOI 10.17580/em.2017.01.03
ArticleAuthor Lukichev S. V., Gromov E. V., Lobanov Е. А.

Mining Institute, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Apatity, Russia

Lukichev S. V., Acting Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Gromov E. V., Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


North-Western Phosphorus Company, Kirovsk, Russia
Lobanov Е. А., First Vice Chief Executive Officer—Technical Officer


This article is an attempt of an integrated approach to the manysided problem connected with the assessment of the expediency of subsidiary mineral development within the mining and processing industry of the Kola Peninsula. The chosen object of the research is low-grade apatite-bearing ore deposit Partomchorr mineability of which is complicated by the remote distance to the regional transport infrastructure, by the severe Arctic climate, adjacency to nature-protection areas and by high tectonic stresses that make the deposit rockburst-hazardous. The scope of the discussion embraces three layouts of a mining and processing plant, with different mining methods and infrastructure arrangement. The integrated analysis of the layouts includes 3D modeling with the appraisal and distribution of useful components, justification of geotechnical solutions, development and evaluation of ore transportation routes to the processing plant, selection of ore concentration technology, assessment of cost of construction and estimation of the environmental impact of mining and processing. As a result of the research performed, mineral reserves appraisal and distribution of useful components inside the deposit are refined, the main geotechnical solutions are justified, and the promising scenario of ore haulage from the mine to the 30 km away processing plant is proposed. The technical and economic evaluation of the mining and processing plant construction scenarios has shown negative profitability under the current market prices of apatite concentrate (~9,5 thousand Rub), even if the project solutions are going to be optimized. Investment in mining has payback period of 25 years given the concentrate cost is to 18 thousand Rub. The most efficient variant is the hybrid open pit/underground mining with the processing plant to be arranged at the site of the mine infrastructure.
The studies have been supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Basic Research Program No. 5: Strategic Mineral Deposits in Russia: Innovation Approaches to Forecasting, Appraisal and Mining.

keywords Subsidiary mineral deposits, technical and economic evaluation, mining transport, underground and hybrid mining methods, open pit mine, underground mine, computer modeling

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Full content Evaluation of prospects for apatite–nepheline mining at Partomchorr