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ArticleName Trading of individual rare-earth marketable products on the russian market
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2017.07.01
ArticleAuthor Boyarko G. Yu., Khatkov V. Yu.

Tomsk Polytechnical University, Tomsk, Russia:

G. Yu. Boyarko, Head of a Chair of Natural Resource Economics, e-mail:


Gazprom, Moscow, Russia:
V. Yu. Khatkov, Head of Department, Applicant


A research on movement of goods in the case of rare-earth metals (REM) on the Russian market was considered on the basis of production, import and export data. Quantity data on the supply of individual marketable REM products were presented. A net balance of Russian REM consumption was composed. It was determined that the most deficit REM products in Russia include europium oxides (43,6% of total REM value), cerium, terbium, lanthanum, neodymium, yttrium and metallic neodymium. The internal Russian REM consumption market (1050 t in 2016) is growing and is in need of a bigger supply of individual marketable REM. The state stimulates import substitution, supports the development of new technologies for production of separated marketable REM and exploitation of new REM deposits. The growth of national production of marketable REM may cover the growing demand for light lanthanides, yet the supply deficit of heavy REM remains uncovered. In their case the consumption deficit may be covered by export, predominantly from China. As far as China’s domination in the world production of REM is concerned, the situation is not likely to change, if taking into account a high pressure that is put on demand for relatively cheap Chinese marketable REM products.

keywords Rare-earth metals, import, export, national consumption, import substitution, deficit, lanthanides

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