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ArticleName New approaches and solutions on application of cyclical-and-continuous technology in open pit mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.06.09
ArticleAuthor Glebov A. V., Semenkin A. V., Karmayev G. D., Bersenev V. A.

Institute of Mining, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Yekaterinburg, Russia:

A. V. Glebov, Deputy Director on Scientific Questions, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
A. V. Semenkin, Junior Researcher
G. D. Karmayev, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
V. A. Bersenev, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Cyclical-and-continuous technology (CCT) allows saving energy and resources in deep-level mineral mining. In this respect, it is expedient to evaluate rational fields of application of CCT systems in view of a wide variety of geotechnical conditions at mineral deposits, optimal selection of CCT machinery parameters and integrated consideration of the most significant criteria of operational efficiency of the machines. This article describes the research aimed at improvement of the efficiency evaluation procedure for CCT machines towards more accurate calculations of motor-and-conveyor transport parameters and for the determination of its rational use field based on the criterion of the current relative cost per unit. Additional criteria are suggested to be air pollution expenses, specific metal content and energy intake as well as labor productivity. The authors have developed a new layout to arrange equipment in an open pit mine without additional expansion of the pit walls. CCT systems and truck-and-shovel scheme (TSS) are compared. The improved economic-and-mathematical model is used to calculate operating parameters of CCT systems with regard to features of their layout in an open pit mine (including/excluding pit wall expansion cost), and the relations between the change of the evaluation criteria and the height of broken rock hoist (100–600 m) are obtained at different open pit mine capacities (5–30 Mt/yr). It is found how the type of handled material influences the operational costs with CCT and TSS. Based on the obtained results, the preferable fields of CCT application during stripping and actual mining are identified, inclusive/exclusive pit wall expansion cost as against TSS. Despite insignificant difference in costs of actual mining, stripping and haulage (to 5–10 %), CCT application is to a certain degree more preferable.
The studies have been performed in the framework of Project No. 0405-2015-0010: Theoretical Basis for Integrated Mineral Development and Mining Technologies with Regard to Features of Transition Processes in Dynamic Advancement of Geotechnical Systems, under State Contract No. 007-01398-17-00.

keywords Cyclical-and-continuous technology, truck-and-shovel system, crushingand-rehandling point, efficiency evaluation criteria, rational application field

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