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ArticleName Standard samples to provide reliability of the results of noble metals products analysis
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2016.08.04
ArticleAuthor Gorbatova L. D., Anchutina E. A., Lisienko M. D.

Central Analytical Laboratory of Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia:

L. D. Gorbatova, Head of Laboratory
E. A. Anchutina, Head of a Group of Reference Materials of Spectral Analysis Laboratory, e-mail:
M. D. Lisienko, Head of Spectral Analysis Laboratory


Quality of precious metals products is monitored by composition of the basic elements and impurities, among other parameters. The measuring techniques based on different analytical methods are used for such quality control. Precision of determined results for the monitored elements should be sufficient to guarantee meeting the requirements for products quality. Usage of standard samples (SS) with composition similar to monitored one ensures reliability of measurement results and guarantees respectively correctness of products quality evaluation. In addition, instrumental control analytical methods that are used widely for control of products made on the base of noble metals, need calibration of analytical equipment, what will be lead to necessity of SS usage. SS are used in the analytical laboratory for the following cases: for checking and calibration of equipment; for development and certification of analytical methods; for quality control of analytical results; for establishment of measurements traceability; for confirmation of laboratory competence. SS are also one of the components of the evidential base in operation of industrial works — in solving the disputable problems of meeting the requirements of preset parameters for products, as well as in accommodating of analytical results to provide objectiveness in calculations with customers and lowering the expenses. The complete production cycle of SS fabrication on the base of noble metals has been put into operation at Ekaterinburg non-ferrous metals processing plant. This technology includes manufacture of SS material, organization and conduction of all required rests, establishment of metrological parameters, SS approval and issuing of the passport. Certified value (element mass fraction) and its margin of error and/or uncertainty are considered as metrological parameters of produced SS. Depending of further application, SS is manufactured in different kinds: chip scraps, disks, band, cylinders, rods etc. Standard samples are classified as pure (refined) metals, jewelry alloys, noble metal alloys, alloys of noble and non-ferrous metals.

keywords Standard samples, noble metals, quality control of products, analytical results, precision control, sets of standard samples, development of standard samples

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