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ArticleName Criterion of collector’s selectivity in sulfide ores bulk-selective flotation circuits
DOI 10.17580/or.2016.04.04
ArticleAuthor Nikolaev A. A., Soe Thu, Goryachev B. E.

National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Russia):

Nikolaev A. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor,
Soe Thu, Postgraduate Student

Goryachev B. E., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Professor,


The paper presents the results of the Gayskoye deposit sulfide ore copper-zinc flotation. The collecting reagents used were as follows: potassium butyl xanthate; sodium butyl dithiophosphate (Af); collector, composed of thionocarbamate-dithiophosphate (CDT) mixture; and аlso mixtures of these collectors in different ratios. Copper-zinc concentrate production efficiency was calculated by the flotation experiments’ results. Hancock criteria were determined, as well as copper and zinc total recovery into concentrate (froth product), and also copper and zinc recovery into copper-zinc concentrate, taking into consideration pyrite recovery. Kinetic criteria of copper-zinc flotation process selectivity were calculated as ratios of copper-and-iron and zinc-and-iron flotation rates constants. Sulfide copper-zinc ore flotation selectivity criterion was proposed taking into consideration copper and zinc processing recovery into copper-zinc concentrate and flotation recovery kinetics. It was revealed that differences between processing and kinetic flotation beneficiation results were observed with different compositions of collectors. The highest selectivity criterion in the Gayskoye deposit sulfide ore copper-zinc flotation was achieved with application of Af–CDT composition of collectors.

The work was performed with the financial support from the Federal Targeted Programme «Research and development in the trends of priority growth areas of the science and technology sector of the Russian Federation for 2014–2020», Project RFMEF157514X0085.

keywords Flotation, selective collectors, sulfide ores, copper-zinc ores, bulk concentrate, flotation kinetics, dithiophosphate, thionocarbamate, xanthate, mixtures of collectors, flotation efficiency, separation criterion

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