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ArticleName Modern technology of aluminum alloy coils annealing
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2016.06.13
ArticleAuthor Tsukrov S. L.

LLC Management Company “Aluminium products”, Moscow, Russia:

S. L. Tsukrov, Chief Specialist, e-mail:


This paper shows the main trends of development of coil production: expanding the range of supply conditions and growing number of small lots. These trends led to the wide use of the single-coil elevator furnaces and chamber furnaces with side-charging, increasing the production flexibility and fitting well with the high-bay storage systems. There is given the basic information about modern coil annealing furnaces with efficient atmosphere circulation and jet heating of coil sides. Furnaces have a gas-tight design and can be operated with a protected atmosphere. They are also equipped with forced cooling of coils in a protective atmosphere. The furnaces operate with automatic charging and discharging of coils in computerized process. Various coil annealing (differing by the temperature and time parameters and functions) is carried out in these furnaces. There are given the brief characteristics of recrystallization (complete) annealing, pre-recrystallization (partial) annealing, high annealing of heat treatment hardened alloys, and stabilizing annealing of magnalium alloys. Some annealing modes are shown in tables. The principles of choice of main annealing parameters are considered: range of coil heating temperature; furnace, holding and cooling rate temperature. Peculiarities of annealing in protection atmosphere are described. Annealing process is automatic, according to the program using mathematical model, coil database and technological parameters.

keywords Aluminum alloys, coils, annealing, recrystallization, furnaces, circulation, temperature, heating, cooling, exposure, protective atmosphere, settings

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