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ArticleName Carbonization leaching of scandium from red mud with preliminary pulp gassing by carbonic acid
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2016.06.09
ArticleAuthor Medvedev A. S., Kirov S. S., Khayrullina R. T., Suss A. G.

Chair of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold, National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

A. S. Medvedev, Professor, e-mail:
S. S. Kirov, Assistant Professor
R. T. Khayrullina, Assistant Professor


LLC “RUSAL Engineering-Technological Center”, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
A. G. Suss, Director of Technological Department of Engineering and Technological Direction of Aluminous Production


This article considers the aspects of preliminary waste gassing of red mud pulp sintering furnaces, intended for scandium extraction from slime by carbonatebicarbonate leaching. The chosen preliminary gassing conditions are substantiated. There are shown the data of alkali redistribution between liquid and solid phases with increasing the gassing time and dynamics of pH changes of liquid phase under carbonic acid and air-gas mixture passing through it. The degree of CO2 assimilation by solution from air-gas mixture is calculated. There are no significant changes in the slime phase composition during the carbonic acid gassing and carbonatebicarbonate leaching. The effect of spontaneous pH pulp increasing occurs on gassing termination, and carbonic acid is involved not only in the alkali neutralization but also in the reaction of sodium bicarbonate formation needed for complexing in scandium leaching process. There are shown the data demonstrating the possibility of the carbonatebicarbonate leaching of scandium-containing slime with the solution containing 20 g/dm3 of carbonate and 40 g/dm3 of bicarbonate without the preliminary gassing of slime pulp with carbonic acid. The furnace waste gases (bauxite with soda and limestone sintering, alumina calcination and lime calcination) may be industrially applied as a source of carbonic acid. The influence of waste gas dust of the sintering furnaces on gassing efficiency is considered (in particular, the degree of alkali transition from dust to the solution).
This article is written with the subsidiary agreement No. 14/578.21.0014 (June 05, 2014) (unique identifier : RFMEFI57814X0014) between the National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, within the realization of the Federal Target Program “Investigations and developments in the priority ways of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for the period of 2014-2020”, approved by the governmental regulation of Russian Federation (November 28, 2013, No. 1096.)

keywords Red mud, scandium, scandium oxide, carbonate-bicarbonate leaching, liquid-phase extraction, sulphuric-acid leaching, scandium hydroxide, Bayer process

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