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ArticleName Expanding of analytical possibilities of Х-ray fluorescent analysis of metallurgical products of precious metals
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2015.06.17
ArticleAuthor Zaytsev V. A., Zaytseva A. V.

Polar Division of MMC “Norilsk Nikel”, Norilsk, Russia:

V. A. Zaytsev, Deputy Head of Science and Technology Office, e-mail:
A. V. Zaytseva, Senior Foreman of Bureau of Technical Control of Metallurgical Shop of Copper Plant


The paper presents a novel method to solve one of the key problems in analytical chemistry related to analysis of samples of uncertain composition in non-ferrous and precious metals production. The problem is primarily connected with uncertain chemical compositions of the samples taken from process flows subject to analysis. This technical solution allows to create successfully operating system for analytical control of all technological stages in geology and metallurgy for the base metals. It is more efficient comparing with other globally widely used analytical methods and gives opportunity not to use different relation equations and increased substantially speed of received reliable information. It is based on the thesis that simple form of one equation allows to adjust the devices precisely with small amount of calibrated samples and to control operatively stability of calibration parameters ratios with high quality and precision of analytical works. The software complex XE_MMRB has been developed; it is practically independent from using spectrometer or separator and can thereby be adapted to conditions of each laboratory having X-ray fluorescent spectrometer or separator. This engineering solution permits to overcome one of the core problems preventing continuous and remote analysis of different streams at the mining, concentrating and smelting operations. It offers the challenge to manage a technological process in a more precise and quantitative way, that is to prepare charge of the required quality and composition for higher recovery of valuable components as well as to grade mineral feed for higher quality of mining works and lower production costs at each stage of metallurgical operations.

keywords Matrix effect, analytical chemistry, continuous flow analysis, remote analysis, precision, precious metals, nonferrous metals, charge quality, ore grading, X-ray fluorescent analysis

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